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What’s Lonak?

Lonak is a freight exchange and online business network that gathers commercial organizations together. Lonak has hundreds of thousands enterprise members around the world.

What advantages will companies provide from Lonak?

- Can announce the name of the company in all countries.

- Can add companies from around the world on their contact list and they send instant messages whenever they wish.

- Can get the services such as the Shipping, Warehousing, Customs, very easly, via the World's most comprehensive logistics portal and freight exchange, can consult at any time the companies from country they wish and reduce error rate to a minimum.

- Can reduce logistics costs.

- Can reduce communication expenses.

- Can reduce raw material costs.

- Can meet companies from every sector of the market, can introduce themselves.

What are there in Lonak for logistics companies?

-Lonak publishes tens of thousands company's customs clearance, storage and transportation demands without discriminating between international and domestic transportation, companies can send requests and correspondence online.

-Can find service-based and country-based firms lists to do the job they wish instantly. For example, in Argentina, domestic firms carrying hazardous materials to a company can access this information with two clicks. So, companies can find the agencies around the world, make cooperation and enhance the quality of service.

-Profiles they create are published in 27 different languages; make their own settings in their native language, each visitor in Lonak reads in their own language.

-Via the automatic language translation system, can read the incoming messages and offers in their own language no matter what the language is.

-Via verified member and LonakTrust systems they can understand to whom and how much they can trust.

-Can announce their names instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars advertisements in all countries with a Lonak membership, this is an invaluable service.

-They may obtain further information, can find answers to questions Lonak from which has branches in almost every country in the world.

- Can find loads of empty vehicles. Sea, land, air and rail with no regard.

- Can reach foreign trade companies from all over the world, can access statistical data. Foreign trade companies are listed both where they import-export sector by country.

- Via status messages they can reply the immediate needs through an instant list of the companies.

How do foreign trade companies benefit from Lonak?

- Can reduce logistics research process to the minimum.

- Can manage all their works with a Lonak notice instead of taking a technical support from tens of companies.

- Can always follow the market closely.

- Can reach buyers and sellers from other countries.

- Can get affordable supplies via the exchange of raw materials.

- Can have their load move at reasonable prices by taking advantage of empty vehicles system.

- Can introduce themselves to the world in 27 different languages, establish new commercial relationships where they wish.

- Cannot have trouble about procedures and can consult to companies, counsel, lawyers in any country.

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